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Sahan Pre-School and Day Nursery is located in Newham and just a short walk from Green Street and Upton Park station. 


Our nursery provides a welcoming environment for children, where they are nurtured and cared for.


Our nursery is spacious and well equipped, offering a stimulating environment promoting development in all of the key areas of learning.


A variety of well planned activities and resources are on offer for children throughout the day, encouraging learning and fun! Nursery activities include music sessions, creative fun, gardening club, story time and a wealth of outdoor play! These activities provide both stimulation and opportunity for development of confidence 

Sahan Nursery village shop

and self esteem - children learn about the world around them, nature and living things, along with early maths concepts and an abundance of early language development as well as the development of early literacy skills. 


Safeguarding Children 


We take the safety of your children seriously. All staff are suitably vetted prior to employment and through a robust induction procedure we are able to ensure that staff are familiar with all the nursery's policies.


These policies and procedures are available for parents and carers to access upon request.

Open Days

Our open day is a great day for prospective parents to come and do the following:


  • Have a tour of the nursery 

  • Meet our staff team 

  • Ask questions about the nursery 

  • See samples of our learning and development records 

  • Get a first hand feel of our enriched learning environment 

  • Sample foods from our menu for the children 

  • Enquire about the admissions procedures

Ofsted Inspection

February 23, 2017

Following to a successful Ofsted inspection, our nursery is Safe, Vibrant & Welcoming for all children. 


Sahan is a good setting with many strong features’ and development opportunities.

We are committed to provide a safe and healthy environment that encourages children to explore, learn and succeed through constructive activities.


Our mission is to prevent the cycle of child abuse and neglect through early intervention that focuses on building successful and resilient children, strengthening parents and preserving families.

Honesty, integrity and professionalism are our core values. We work hard as a team with full commitment, dedication and enthusiasm to ensure the best development of our children at Sahan Nursery. We strive to continuously improve our provision and develop a positive relationship with parents.

Our full inspection report will be published soon.


Providing care for Babies

March 01, 2017

Dear Parent, 

We are delighted to inform you we now have places for children age 3 Months Old to 5 Years Old.

We operate first come, first serve policy. Due to very limited number of places available for babies, please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointments. 


Opening Hours

March 13, 2017

Our opening hours are 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday all year round.

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Sahan Nursery car track for toddlers
Wooden cycle for preschool children
Car road signs in Sahan Nursery
Music section in Sahan Nursery
Sahan Nursery preschool room
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